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Introducing Creaplate, the revolutionary firing tile that ensures perfect product shape and quality.

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Introducing Creaplate: Revolutionizing Firing Tiles for Sanitary-Ware Products

Creaplate is a cutting-edge firing tile designed to prevent product deformation during the firing process. With its advanced technology and superior quality, it ensures the perfect firing base for your sanitary-ware products.

Higher shrinkage rates 7,5% - 8,5% for improved precision. With its resistance to sinking, it is safe in the firing processes of heavy and large surface ceramics in kilns.
Reduces manufacturing defects and minimizes production waste.

Prevent deformation during firing process with our innovative Creaplate.

Creaplate is a revolutionary firing tile designed to ensure your sanitary-ware products maintain their shape and quality throughout the firing process. Say goodbye to product deformation and hello to flawless results.

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