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Introducing Creaplate: The Ultimate Solution for Sanitary-Ware Firing

Creaplate is a revolutionary firing tile designed specifically for sanitary-ware products. Its advanced technology ensures optimal firing results, preventing product deformation and ensuring superior quality.

Superior Quality

Creaplate guarantees precise firing control, resulting in flawless sanitary-ware products every time.

Efficient Performance

With Creaplate, ceramic businesses can achieve higher productivity and reduce product wastage.


Innovative Design for Preventing Product Deformation

Creaplate's unique material and design contribute to its effectiveness in preventing product deformation. With its advanced technology, Creaplate ensures that your sanitary-ware products maintain their shape and quality during the firing process.

Durable and Reliable Firing Tile for Sanitary-Ware

Maintains Product Shape and Quality During Firing

Advanced Technology for Optimal Firing Performance

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Experience the Superior Quality and Performance of Creaplate


Crea Ceramic AS products offer exceptional durability, ensuring that your ceramic products will last for years to come. Our Creaplate firing tiles are specifically designed to prevent product deformation during the firing process, resulting in improved firing results. In addition to their durability, our products are also cost-effective, providing excellent value for your investment.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about our products, their usage, maintenance, and compatibility with different sanitary-ware production lines.

How to use Creaplate?

To use Creaplate, simply place it as the firing base for your sanitary-ware products. It is designed to prevent product deformation during the firing process.

Is Creaplate compatible with all sanitary-ware production lines?

Yes, Creaplate is compatible with most sanitary-ware production lines. However, we recommend consulting our team for specific compatibility information.

What is Creaplate made of?

Creaplate is made of high-quality ceramic material that is specially formulated for optimal firing performance and durability.

Can Creaplate be reused?

No, Creaplate is a single-use firing tile. It is recommended to use a new Creaplate for each firing process to ensure consistent results.

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